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Conglin Aluminum is a domestic enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of high-end industrial aluminum profiles and lightweight equipment. It has 15 large-scale aluminum extrusion production lines, 8 aluminum alloy automatic welding production lines, 6 large-scale five-axis CNC machining centers and other advanced production and processing equipment , The leading products include aluminum alloy rail transit car body materials and components, lightweight commercial vehicles, auto parts, aluminum structure engineering, building templates and other fields. They are CRRC, France Alstom, Bombardier, China CIMC, Denmark Maersk , Jingdong Logistics, SF Express, Yunda Express, YTO Express, and other well-known domestic and foreign companies are the main suppliers of domestic high-end industrial aluminum and deep processing leaders.

Conglin Aluminum Technology 

Conglin Aluminum will devote itself to the R&D and manufacturing of aluminum alloy deep processing and lightweight equipment, continuously expand the application fields of aluminum, and provide high-quality products for rail transit, energy-saving vehicles, offshore equipment, and green buildings.

Conglin Aluminum

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