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Based on its own material advantages, Conglin Aluminum also introduces Australian IGM, German CLOOS and other large gantry automatic welding robots as well as German FOOKE large-scale five-axle CNC gantry processing centers, therefore.
The company’s main products are widely used in a wide range of fields including rail traffic, signal transmission, power electronics, medical equipment, new energy equipment, etc. .
Relying on the Conglin Group’s national technology center, national laboratory and complete aluminum production line as well as aluminum profile processing and welding advantages, the introduction of South Korea’s cutting-edge aluminum template R&D, design and installation technology, combined with sales, leasing, and establishment of a business model Introduced a new generation of aluminum alloy formwork system.
The main production: aluminum alloy van trailers, refrigerated insulation vehicles, container trailers, wingspan vehicles and other lightweight high-end commercial vehicles. It is of great and far-reaching significance to promote the progress of my country's automobile industry and achieve energy-saving and emission reduction goals.
To introduce world-class equipment to mainly develop and produce car ABS, bumpers, sunroof sliding rail, wingspan trailer stringers and other parts products.
Relying on Conglin Group's strong aluminum alloy profile research and development, production and deep processing advantages, using PML's years of experience in research and development, design, and installation of aluminum alloy pedestrian bridges, jointly build China's aluminum alloy lightweight structure engineering industrial base. Aluminum alloy building structure has achieved great success all over the world because of its beautiful appearance, durability, light weight, strong environmental adaptability and great economic and ecological significance.

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Conglin Aluminum will devote itself to the R&D and manufacturing of aluminum alloy deep processing and lightweight equipment, continuously expand the application fields of aluminum, and provide high-quality products for rail transit, energy-saving vehicles, offshore equipment, and green buildings.

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