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The Nikkei Conglin Auto Parts Project is a joint venture between Japan Light Metal Company and Conglin Group. The total investment is 500 million yuan. The first phase investment is 150 million yuan. It plans to build a factory building and ancillary facilities of 10,000 square meters, introduce world-class equipment, and mainly develop and produce automobiles. ABS, bumpers, sunroof slides, wingspan trailer rails and other parts products. The project officially started construction at the end of May this year. At present, the construction of the main plant, office building and part of the factory road has been completed. At the same time, the construction of high-power air compressor station, natural gas pressure regulating station, government and enterprise heat exchange station, variable frequency constant pressure water supply station and electric power , Communications and other infrastructure, CNC machining centers, quenching furnaces, high-precision three-coordinate detectors imported from Germany, and ABS cutting machines, bending machines, riveting machines and fence processing machines imported from Japan have arrived. Install it. In 2014, it plans to invest 70 million yuan to complete the installation and commissioning of all equipment, and officially put it into operation before the end of the year.

The completion of the project signifies that auto parts using high-strength lightweight magnesium-silicon-aluminum alloy as raw materials have entered the mass production stage. Nikkei Conglin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. will become a high-quality lightweight auto parts production base with annual output of passenger cars. 100,000 sets of vehicle parts and 6,000 sets of trailer parts have achieved sales revenue of 500 million yuan and profits and taxes of 100 million yuan.



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Conglin Aluminum will devote itself to the R&D and manufacturing of aluminum alloy deep processing and lightweight equipment, continuously expand the application fields of aluminum, and provide high-quality products for rail transit, energy-saving vehicles, offshore equipment, and green buildings.

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