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Conglin Group Su Zhenjia: Expand aluminum applications to resolve excess capacity

On September 20, the “Supply Side·Shandong Strategy” interview group of the 12th Chinese Internet Media Shandong Trip visited Conglin Group in Longkou City, Shandong Province and listened to Chairman Su Zhenjia's introduction.

High-speed rail body uses "green aluminum" made in Shandong to help high-speed rail speed up

On September 21st, the 12th National Internet Media Shandong Tour entered the Conglin Group to experience how the "Law of the Jungle" with continuous innovation as its soul leads the enterprise on a path of transformation and upgrading.

Do what others have never thought of, and innovation leads the transformation and development of Conglin Group

Jiaodong Online, September 21 (Reporter Hou Jiawei) High-end industrial aluminum profiles, lightweight automobiles, aluminum alloy ships, aluminum alloy pedestrian bridges... Since the establishment of the factory in 1982, Conglin Group has always adhered to the combination of technological innovation and market innovation. Through technology introduction and technological innovation, we have successfully developed products such as lightweight automobiles, aluminum alloy ships, aluminum alloy flyovers, aluminum alloy building templates, etc., solved the problem of overcapacity in the aluminum processing industry, and led the development of the industry with the concept of "green aluminum". Promote the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of the aluminum alloy new material industry.

Video|Chairman of Conglin Group turned into a "salesman" on-site "seeking attention" lightweight car

I hope that the media will help us to publicize that lightweight aluminum alloy cars are a good thing for the country, society, and transportation industry." On September 21, Su Zhenjia, chairman of Conglin Group, was on the supply side. A reporter from the Shandong Strategy-The 12th China Internet Media Shandong Tour said when introducing the company.
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