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Shandong Nollvetec Lightweight Equipment Co., the backbone enterprise of jungle aluminum company. It is located in Conglin Industrial Park, Longkou City, Shandong Province. It was established in 2002 and is a national high-tech enterprise. Relying on the strong R & D and production advantages of aluminum alloy materials of jungle aluminum industry and the technical equipment advantages of aluminum alloy deep processing for many years, the company actively extends the industrial chain, develops and produces high-end and terminal products such as rail vehicle body modules and system components, new energy equipment, medical devices, etc.

The company has a leading equipment capacity and technical level in the industry. It has built a modern constant temperature and humidity production workshop of 60000 square meters, introduced a number of world advanced large-scale automatic welding production lines, large-scale five axis CNC gantry machining center, large-scale friction stir welding machine and other equipment. It has a number of international welding engineers, welding technicians and welding quality inspectors, and has passed the international top-level aluminum alloy Welding qualification certification en15085-2 CL1 and international railway industry iris certification are ideal supporting enterprises and professional aluminum alloy products deep processing enterprises for domestic rail transit vehicle manufacturers.

With good product quality and rich product structure, the company has attracted and retained a large number of high-quality customers, and is the main supplier of domestic and foreign rail transit vehicle manufacturers such as CRRC, Alstom of France, Hyundai of Korea, etc. The domestic rail transit products undertaken have been successfully applied to: Shanghai Metro Line 11 project, Qingdao line 3 project, Guangzhou No.4 South extension line project, Guangzhou line 6 project, Shijiazhuang line 3 project, Zhengzhou line 1 project, Chengdu line 6 / 7 / 10 project, Chongqing line 5 project, Guangzhou Foshan line project, Foshan line 2 project, Beijing line 19 project, etc; The overseas rail transit products undertaken and expanded include: Vietnam metro project, Spanish Metro Line 1 and line 3 project, Singapore Metro waveguide project, etc. 

Shandong Nollvetec Lightweight Equipment Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business policy of "honesty oriented, building industry monument; excellent quality, creating world famous brand". With higher product quality and better after-sales service, it has achieved win-win and development with customers in the market competition.





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Conglin Aluminum will devote itself to the R&D and manufacturing of aluminum alloy deep processing and lightweight equipment, continuously expand the application fields of aluminum, and provide high-quality products for rail transit, energy-saving vehicles, offshore equipment, and green buildings.

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