Automobile Parts

Shandong Nikkei Conglin Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.

Shandong Nikkei Conglin Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. was jointly founded by Nippon Light Metal Company and Conglin Group with a total investment of RMB 500 million. RMB 150 million was invested in phase I, planning to build workshops and ancillary facilities reaching 10,000 square meters, and to introduce world-class equipment to mainly develop and produce car ABS, bumpers, sunroof sliding rail, wingspan trailer stringers and other parts products. The project was officially started in end of May this year. So far, the plant, office building main body and some factory roads have been built; a high power air compressor station, a gas regulator station, a government and enterprise heat exchange station, a frequency conversion constant pressure water supply station, electric power, communication and other supporting infrastructures are also being built. Moreover, the company also introduced a CNC machining center and hardening furnaces from Germany.

Equipment, such as high-precision coordinate measuring machine, and ABS cutter, bender, riveter and side plate processing machine, have arrived, and are installed now. We propose to invest 70 million yuan in 2014 to complete the installation and the commissioning of all the equipment, and shall put them into production by the end of this year.

The establishment of this project marks the automobile parts with High-strength lightweight magnesium silicon aluminum alloy as raw materials are now in the mass production stage. Riqing Conglin Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. shall be the production base for high-quality and lightweight automobile parts, can annually yield 100,000 sets of parts for passenger vehicles, 6,000 sets of parts for trailer, can earn 0.5 billion yuan of sales revenue and pay 0.1 billion yuan of taxes.