Shandong Conglin-PML Aluminum Structures Co.,Ltd


Shandong Conglin-PML Aluminum Structures Co.,Ltd funded on June 1st. 2013. It is a Sino-foreign joint venture by Conglin Group Co.,Ltd and Germany PML Co.,Ltd. It is specializing in Aluminum alloy Platform Bridge, large structures, designing and producing other aluminum alloy structure systems. The company depends on the advantages of Conglin Group’s powerful aluminum profiles production, research and development, deep processing capacities, combines with Germany PML’s experience of designing, developing and installing the aluminum pedestrian bridges. Jointly build aluminum pedestrian bridges industrial base in China.

Conglin-PML Co.,ltd provides comprehensive aluminum bridges solutions to our customers, covering the whole process of developing, designing,producing,processing and installing. Aluminum structure has made great successes throughout the world because of its uniqe multi-purpose, durability, light-weight,beautiful visual effects, strong environmental adaptalility and great economic and ecological significance.

The scope of using is diverse, it apply to regional areas.construction site, industry, modern buildings, pedestrians&passengers,shopping mall, bikeway, in important events such as sports, cultures and exhibitions, as bridge web and bridge equipments connecting the waters.