Product & R&D

Conglin Group Co., Ltd. is the comprehensive state-level enterprise producing rail transit profiles, lightweight car and parts, special boat, pedestrian overcrossing, cement, power generation, nodular cast iron pipe and pipe fittings, which has national enterprise technology center, science research institutions, such as National Recognized Testing Laboratory, Post-Doctoral Research station, Shandong Province Taishan Scholar Position, and is the top 500 countries in Chinese manufacturing industry.

Aluminum Profile

Based on its own material advantages, Conglin Aluminum also introduces Australian IGM, German CLOOS and other large gantry automatic welding robots as well as German FOOKE large-scale five-axle CNC gantry processing centers, therefore.

Aluminum Alloy Car Body

The company’s main products are widely used in a wide range of fields including rail traffic, signal transmission, power electronics, medical equipment, new energy equipment, etc. .


Conglin-PML Co.,ltd provides comprehensive aluminum bridges solutions to our customers,covering the whole process of developing.Aluminum structure has made great successes throughout the world because of its uniqe multi-purpose, durability, light-weight,beautiful visual effects.

Aluminum Alloy Vessel

CLKW mainly focus on producing different types of aluminum boats, such as pilot boat, work boat, taxi boat, patrol boat, fishing boat, etc.

Lightweight Automobile

Aluminum alloy trailers have significant contribution to reducing vehicle weight and fuel consumption, to improving transportation efficiency and to energy conservation and emission reduction, also profound and far-reaching meaning to promote the advancement of China.

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Automobile Parts

To introduce world-class equipment to mainly develop and produce car ABS, bumpers, sunroof sliding rail, wingspan trailer stringers and other parts products.

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Aluminum Formwork

The company can provide complete supporting services for various real estate development companies, construction companies, release companies, such as engineering design, production and machining, escrow, refurbishment, recovery, training and engineering, etc.

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Cerement Series

The company mainly produce five kinds of cements, such as Conglin He brand P.O42.5\P.O42.5R\P.O52.5R grade ordinary Portland cement, P.C32.5\P.C32.5R grade composite Portland cement, and Portland cement clinker, P.C32.5\P.C32.5R grade composite Portland cement.

Plastic Tape Series

The product mainly consisti of all-purposed fabric-core conveyor belt,steel wire cable core conveyor belt,PVC and PVG complete core fire-retardant conveyor belt,conveyor belt with a covering layer showing special performance that can resist heat,acid,alkali,oil,and low temperature.

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Pipe Fitting Series

“Conglin He” brand cost-effective ductile iron pipes and pipe fittings have thin tube wall, excellent toughness, corrosion resistance, long service life and good ductility, which is convenient for construction and improve the reliability of the pipe network operation.

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Nodular Cast Iron Pipe Series

The company adopts international advanced technology and production and test equipment, and produces ductile cast iron pipe in accordance with international standards, such as ISO2531, BS EN545. The products has excellent corrosion resistance, good ductility and sealing effect.

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