Talent Concept

Talent Concept

Conglin Group implements all-around talent strategy and open-end HR management in talent introduction, cultivation and circulation and establishes a scientific and reasonable staff training system to achieve optimization configuration of human resources, and to actively promote the construction of corporate culture. In addition, Conglin Group forms the concept of “Everyone Learning, Lifelong Learning” to keep vigorous development.

Conglin Group strengthens information-based management and implements construction of ERP information-based system, becoming Shandong Information-based Model Unit of Manufacturing Industry.

Conglin Group, in the development tenet of “Bright Benefit to the Country, to Conglin, to Customers, to Employees”, following the scientific outlook on development, makes further adjustment in product industrial structure, speeds up the development and makes new contribution to the development of national industry by constant innovation.

Pass dedication contributes to present brilliance and today’s keen determination will achieve the grand prospect. At present, Conglin Group has entered the fast way of high-speed development. Under the guidance of diversified, branding and international strategy, and the commanding arrangement in global perspective and open-end thought, Conglin Group will make efforts in investment increase, resources integration, management strengthening and brand casting to achieve the grand blueprint of “Global Industry, Century-old Conglin” by promoting the spirit of “Never Say Die, Never Satisfy, If Doing, Being Top-End”, people-oriented management philosophy, by dedicating to team collaboration, common improvement atmosphere, and by well conducting market expansion as a forerunner, technical innovation as power and scientific management as guarantee.