Leader’s speech

Leader’s speech

In the tide of reform,we surge forward.The vicissitudes of the times have witnessed the ups and downs of Conglin.Time files,Conglin Group has gone through thirty years.Form the world's first ten-thousand-ton aluminum extruder to the EMU body profiles and modules,for the First Prize of National Technological Progress to China Industry Awards……,technology and innovation continually promote the new breakthrough of Conglin Group.On this occasion,we all would like to express our most sincere thanks to all friends that have supported and concerned about the development of Conglin Group!

Adrop of water can not merge into the vast sea;a tree can not be the vast forest,”contribute to the country,repay the society”is the eternal pursuit of Conglin people,”advocating morality,exceeding with innovation”is the spirit of Conglin people.In our development,the kind attention of leaders encourages Conglin Group,the support and love of the public inspires Conglin Group.The development of Conglin reflects the concerted efforts of all hard working and loyal employee.

With the globalization of world economy,the new journey carries the new dream,Conglin people are willing to cooperate with you for the vital and ever-lasting cause so as to jointly strike for our mutual bright future!